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Understanding Professions | Professional Ethics

Here is a sense of profession and professional ethics.

this paper is the task of soft skill courses of professional ethics.

Before we knew we'd better understanding of professional ethics must know in advance what is meant by Ethics and the Professions. Ethics According to experts, the rules of behavior, human customs in the association between each other and affirm what is right and what is bad.

Ethics or commonly also called ethics, derived from the Greek word meaning ETHOS norms, values​​, rules and measures for the good of human behavior, such as those formulated by the Manner and Custom Discusses ethics-related ordinances and customs (adat) is inherent in human nature (In Herent in human nature) that is bound by the terms "good and bad" behavior or actions of a human being.

Profession comes from the Latin "Proffesio" which has two terms, namely a promise / pledge and work. Profession is a specialized group of jobs that carry out jobs that require high skills and expertise to meet the complex needs of humans, in which the use of the right way for skills and skill, can only be achieved by its mastery of knowledge with a broad scope, covering human nature, the tendency of history and environment as well as the discipline of ethics that was developed and applied by members of the group that bears the profession.

in my opinion:

PROFESSION, is the work performed as a principal activity to produce for everyday life that rely on a skill.

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