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Understanding and definition of entrepreneurship according to the experts

Work is one activity that we do to get penghasialan, we can be self-employed than work to earn more income. before we start a business we should have to know the meaning of entrepreneurship.
entrepreneur is the ability to stand alone, sovereign, spiritual and physical freedom, the source of an increase in personality, a process in which people pursue opportunities, the mental characteristics and properties of the soul that is always active is required to manage, control, knowing and experienced to spur creativity.
1. Peter F. Drucker
The ability to create something new and different (ability to create the new and different).
2. Thomas W ZimmererKewirausahaan is the application of creativity and keinovasian to solve problems and efforts to exploit the opportunities that people face every day.
3. Andrew J Dubrin
A person who founded and runs an innovative effort (Entrepreneurship is a person WHO founds and Operates an innovative business).
4. Robbins & Coulter
Entrepreneurship is the process whereby an individual or group of individuals uses organized efforts and means to look for opportunities to create value and grow by fulfilling wants and needs through innovation and uniqueness, no matter what resources are currently controlled
5. (Suharto Prawiro, 1997).
Entrepreneurship is a value that is needed to start a business (start-up phase) and the development of business (venture growth).
6. (Acmad Sanusi, 1994)
Entrepreneurship is a value that is manifested in behaviors that form the basis of resources, propulsion, goals, tactics, tips, processes, and business results.
7. Say Jean Baptista (1816)
An entrepreneur is the agent that brings together a variety of means of production and find the value of production.
8. Frank Knight (1921)
Entrepreneurs attempt to predict and respond to market changes. This definition emphasizes the role of entrepreneurs in the face of uncertainty on market dynamics. A worausahawan required to implement basic managerial functions such as direction and control.
9. Joseph Schumpeter (1934)
The entrepreneur is an innovator who implements changes in the market through new combinations. New combination can be in the form:
(1) introducing a new product or a new quality,
(2) introducing new production methods,
(3) open a new market (new market),
(4) Obtain a new supply source of new materials or components, or
(5) run a new organization in an industry. Schumpeter linking entrepreneurship with the concept of innovation applied in a business context and link it with a combination of resources.
10. Penrose (1963)
Activities include identifying entrepreneurial opportunities in the economic system. Capacity or managerial abilities different from entrepreneurial capacities.
11. Harvey Leibenstein (1968, 1979)
Entrepreneurship includes kegiatann activities required to create or implement the company at a time when all the market has not been formed or have not been clearly identified, or component production functions not yet fully known.
12. Israel Kirzner (1979)
Entrepreneurs recognize and act on market opportunities. Entrepreneurship Center at Miami University of Ohio: Entrepreneurship as a process of identifying, mengembangkaan, and bring the vision to life. This vision can be innovative ideas, opportunities, a better way of running things.
13. Raymond, (1995)
Entrepreneurship is a creative and innovative and able mewujudkanya to improve the well being of society and the environment.
14. Cashmere (2006)
Entrepreneurial spirit is a man who dared to take risks to open a business in a variety of occasions.
writing so that I made regarding the definition and the definitions according to experts, hopefully this article can be useful. especially for me, because this paper is the task of soft skill courses Entrepreneurship.

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