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Internet provider quickly using the Flexi

Hello friend ... "you want the info about the surf excited neh use this flexi.selama I guess surf using flexi can not get the speed maksimal.Karena for use flexi to surf ria only have one network x (1x) only. My estimate for this one, apparently using a flexi surf can get that speed .. wooow ... so by using the EVDO network "g have thought this time I can really feel the surf is super fast as other providers. but at an affordable price, he .. he ..
turns out to get super fast internet from our flexi should know a few things, namely:

1. modem
Knowing that the modem must be used to support EVDO network or only one x (1x) only.
2. internet package
Knowing the internet package should be used if using packet daily, weekly, bulanandan whether using quotas / unlimited.
3. Flexi Prime Card
Must know the flexi card is used, because there are prime flexy flexi Trendy and Classy

Currently many providers of telecommunications companies to promote its internet packages in online and offline media to attract Internet users. but different thing with flexi seems rarely sekali.ya g pa yaa? he .. he ... he's the advantage of flexi.

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